Best friend helped me save money

Over the course of my life I have come to learn that it pays off to have good friends.

It might sound like an obvious thing, but I swear it’s so important to understand! A couple of years ago when I had just moved down to the south I was all alone with no family or friends within 150 miles of me.

As the years have gone by I have been lucky enough to make some good friends around the area, and my best friend works as a certified HVAC repair tech in town. Since we are such good buddies and I hook him up with free food from the restaurant that I am a chef at, he returns the favor by giving me free HVAC repair check ups. Having a friend that is so skilled when it comes to maintaining my heating and cooling unit helps me save so much money every year and I don’t think I could be more grateful. Working as a chef requires me to work crazy hours and gives me little chance to keep things at my home up to date, so having a friend to take care of it for me is a blessing. Even though I still miss seeing my family, the friends that I have made here sure have helped me start to feel more at home. Sometimes I feel bad when it comes to the free HVAC repair checks, but then I remember how much food and free drinks I get my friends when they come to my restaurant and my guilt starts to fade away.


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