I Need a Whole Home Air Purifier for My Allergies:

Every year, with the transitioning seasons, my allergies get really bad.

My eyes get swollen and watery, my nose doesn’t stop running, and I never stop sneezing.

Typically, I take some over the counter drugs that relieve my allergy symptoms for a few hours. Recently, I’ve been thinking about ways to live a more natural life, which includes eliminating those over the counter drugs as much as possible. I hate relying on medicine to heal my body. I hired an HVAC specialist to come to my house and help me purify the air. I’d read about air purifiers online, but I didn’t know which one to get and I was hoping to take things to the next level. When the HVAC specialist came over, he recommended installing a whole house air purifier and air filtration system. Some of the benefits to the whole house air purifier, was that filtration would be running all day every day. The filters would catch any pollen, dust, or debri in the air circulating all throughout my home, since it would be connected to my current HVAC system. The whole house air purifier would also be hidden and not take up any extra space. The HVAC specialist said there were various air purifiers I could choose from, and they all ranged in price. However, after explaining how horrible my allergies were and how I wanted to eliminate any extra medicine, he recommended that I purchase one of the biggest whole home air purifiers. This would really keep my air clean. I can’t wait to have my new whole home air purifier installed.


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