My Brother’s Air Quality Was Horrible Because He Never Cleaned:

When I recently visited my brother in his home, I was shocked by the living conditions he was living in.

Don’t get me wrong, my brother has always been a bit messy because he’s a boy after all. However, when I walked into his living room, I couldn’t believe how musty and dusty it smelled. The space was pretty clean for him, but I couldn’t get past the smell. When I asked him about the dusty and must, he was shocked that I thought his home felt this way. I pointed out all the dog hair and dust lying around on his furniture and coffee table, and it’s like a lightbulb went off in his head. I made a joke about how bad his air filter probably was, and he immediately went pale. Apparently, he’d been neglecting the air filter and it desperately needed replaced. While my brother was replacing the congested air filter with a new one, I found his vacuum and started vacuuming the carpet. I couldn’t believe how much dust and hair was coming off the floor! It’s amazing that his vacuum didn’t break. After he replaced the air filter, I showed him the remains from his carpet, and he looked sick. As his older sister, I sat him down and explained to him how important it is to take care of a home. All the dust and debri was floating around in the air, which was causing his air filter to fill up faster. When the air filter filled up, his HVAC system would run less efficiently, causing his monthly utility bills to rise. The air could get so bad that his HVAC system could shut down completely! It’s way more expensive to replace or repair and HVAC system than it is to simply keep a home clean.

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