How do furnaces keep people warm in the far North

I don’t understand why anyone would want to live in the far North. I am not talking about people who would rather have all four seasons and enjoy the snow for a few months of the year. I am talking about the people who would rather live in an area where summer lasts for 3 weeks and the winter is dominant for the rest of the year. Surely, furnaces and heating systems are required in these areas, but I have learned that most people refuse to leave their houses where the furnaces are running during the coldest of winters. One of my friends that lives there said that the average low temperatures during the winter reach -40 degrees! Can you imagine how cold that is? Now, everyone that I know has a heating system, but at least people can walk outside during the day without freezing to death. In that area, it would seem that you would need a large heating system outside. I don’t even understand how the furnaces even work in that cold of weather. Most steam-powered heating systems, like boilers, don’t do very well when the temperatures drop below zero. The efficiency of the heating system is affecting, and it becomes very expensive to heat your house. With the cold temperatures in the far North, I would imagine that any type of heating system would struggle to keep the houses warm. The prices for fuel for these heating systems must be high. It would be even worse if you used a wood-burning heating system. Can you imagine how much wood you would need?

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