I am finally getting rid of my furnace

It is time to get rid of my furnace completely.

I refuse to use a furnace for another day of my life. At first, when my furnace stopped working as reliably as my other heating systems, I considered purchasing another furnace. As far as heating systems go, furnaces are not the worst. They are a lot more effective than boilers and other types of radiant heat, but I was tired of my furnace. The worst part about my furnace was that it had too many working parts inside the furnace. With so many parts and pieces inside the furnace, one of them was bound to break every winter, and it was costing me a fortune to pay an HVAC technician to come to the rescue every time my furnace broke down. Another thing that bothered me about my furnace was that I had to rely on electricity to use my furnace. During particularly bad storms in the winter, when I needed the furnace the most, the power would shut off and I would have no furnace to keep my house warm. That is why I am investing in a wood-burning stove. With this type of heating system, I can heat my entire house with the power of fire. The wood-burning heating system would allow me to heat my house, cook my food, and even heat my water. This heating system was not dependant upon electricity, meaning that I would have heat no matter what. Since I own a lot of wooded lands, I can cut and use my own wood for fuel for the heating system.

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