AC not working in one room

I recently noticed that the AC in the guest bedroom was not blowing cold air.

  • I went around to the other rooms in the house and found that the rest of the vents were blowing cold air as normal.

I adjusted the vent, but it did not help. I call the local HVAC repair shop the next day. They sent an HVAC technician to diagnosis the problem. When he arrived, I walked him back to the room with the faulty AC. He agreed that is was strange. He grabbed a ladder and climbed up into the attic. When he made his way over to the guest bedroom to check the air ducts, he immediately found the problem. There had been a box placed over the air vent from the attic. I did not know how to box got there, so I asked my husband. He said that he had been in the attic cleaning recently. He thinks the box may have been pushed over and not moved by mistake. We apologize to the tech for having to come out for such a silly reason. The HVAC technician said that kind of stuff happens all the time! He even said that sometimes there are dead animals so we were happy that was not the case.

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