I am going to keep on renting

For what seems like forever, all of the elders in my family have urged our siblings plus I to save plus buy our own homes.

Trucks plus other expenses were consistently considered fourthary to being a decent homeowner, regardless of whether or not that house had to be purchased through money or a variable-rate 30-year mortgage.

My sibling opted for the latter plus has ended up in financial ruin after he was laid off from his job as a newspaper editor. His mortgage became too much after 10 years of the interest rate slowly climbing while his spend money was always being cut, leading up to his final termination at the paper. In trying to learn from the problems my siblings had, I thought it was great to stick to renting homes for the foreseeable future. I have been with the same rental agency for the past 10 years plus have only moved once while in that time. They deal with all of the repair and updates for the owners who leave pretty much everything up to the agency. I have had troubles with air conditioner plus never had to spend a single dollar the couple of times I have needed repairs or updates. The rental agency even paid to have the air conditioner system updated in our seasoned house right before I was set to transfer in after the seasoned tenants moved out. They have a repair contract with a very good heating plus cooling supplier which even covers quarterly filter updatements. At the end of it all, I have several advantages renting with a reputable rental agency opposed to paying a sizable mortgage. Maybe someday I will buy a house, but I’m in no rush to take on that massive responsibility.

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