Snow melt system is linked to boiler heating system

I live in an area that is known as the “snow belt” because of the yearly accumulation of snow. We are located along the edge of one of the Great Lakes which results in heavy snowfall. The winter season is always long and brutal, with the temperature typically below freezing and often down into the negative digits. The windchill makes it feel even colder. It’s frequently dangerous to be outside for any length of time. The last thing I want to do is spend hours shoveling the snow off the walkways and out of the driveways. I am very fortunate that my home is equipped with a snowmelt system. There is a boiler system that handles heating inside the home. The boiler is a hydronic system which means that it uses water to transport heat energy. There are pipes concealed beneath the floors of the home. Hot water travels through these pipes, radiating heat across the floors. Radiant floor heating is one of the most efficient types of temperature control. It is silent, takes up no living space and eliminates drafts and cold spots. The snowmelt system works on a very similar principle. There are pipes installed beneath the concrete of the sidewalks and driveway that are linked to the boiler. The snowmelt system automatically starts up due to moisture or temperature drop. It keeps the surface clear, eliminating the need to plow or shovel and avoiding safety issues. There’s no fear of slipping on icy pavement. There’s no wet feet walking to the car and no snowmelt chemicals which damage landscaping.


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