I keep my HVAC servicing at work

Have you ever heard that old sentiment, keep your passions and work separate? Some people swear by the method of choosing your job based off of what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Other swear that you should never choose your living based off of the things you enjoy doing for yourself.

I understand both points of you. On one hand, it would be great to do something you love all day everyday. On the other hand, if you put stress on your favorite activities, they probably aren’t so fun anymore. Personally, I think that I ascribe to the second way of thinking. In my day today job, I am a professional Heating and Cooling technician. I spend my weeks going from random residential homes to larger commercial outlets, professionally maintaining and replacing their indoor air quality appliances. I am often talking to customers and discussing proper HVAC maintenance plans. I am spending most of my days working with my hands, changing out air filters, cleaning extensive air ducts, and installing brand-new thermostats for them. I talked about Energy Efficiency and best practices for indoor energy usage all day long. When I get home, I don’t worry about my HVAC system at all. I abuse the hell out of my thermostat and rarely ever take care of my heating and cooling appliances. I can’t remember the last time I change my own air filter. Every few years, I replace the entire air handling system with a brand new and updated one. What can I say, I could be a better HVAC owner, but I try to keep my work and personal life separate.



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