It’s cold here

in the two or three weeks certain things have actually been laboring out well for our personal and professional have started, seeing a new person romantically who happens to live 10 hours away from our work, so in general our life has gotten severely convenient, and when I get done with our job every morning, I am able to drive right over to her beach house for dinner and cuddling.

In the morning, she takes off super early to go to work and I hung around her beach house for a while. I can get some of our own work done from her locale, and I head into our own job when traffic isn’t so crazy. It’s made our morning is severely efficient and I am getting a ton done. Well, most of the time I am. I should say that there has been some complicated morning. When you are not regular with somebody’s apartment, it’s hard to be completely comfortable. To be more specific, as the outdoor air temperature has been dipping and the indoor air temperature has been colder, I have not been able to adjust the indoor air temperature to our exact preferences. Since I am at someone else’s locale, I never want to abuse at the heating system. I would don’t like to be the cause of a heating system breakdown. It would be so embarrassing if I change the thermostat settings and the entire heating system stopped working for me. Instead, I have been trying to work with frosty fingers and toes. It’s not ideal, despite the fact that I would much rather be a little uncomfortable then to ruin a wonderful thing. It does not actually matter, because even if I was bold enough to change the heating system settings, I don’t know the passcode for the smart thermostat.