You can’t have a festival without toilets

A couple of times each year my town organizes a huge music festival, however it lasts numerous days and gets some pretty large bands coming to perform, however the hotels in the part get booked up in such a short amount of time that everyone drive campers or just pitch a tent in the fields, however, a very big part of organizing the festival is getting toilets for all the people there, port a potties are not a great long term solution! First, it is only one stall without any sinks around. The port a potty gets full and out of paper in no time. The people I was with and I would have to buy tons of port of potties in order to meet the demand of people… What the people I was with and I end up doing every year is modular toilets. A shipping fabrication company sets up the modular toilets for us. The people I was with and I get eleven individual stalls, hand sinks and showers with only one unit. It is a totally turnkey option for the future. The moment the bag arrives, it is ready to use. It is a one time cost to purchase it and the company picks it up on time when the people I was with and I want it gone, every corner of the music festival has this giant modular building set up. It is nice to give those people showers as well, not only does it decrease the smells and increases comfort, it gets more men and women to the venue. That the people I was with and I offer plumbing to all the people has seriously increased traffic to our festival. The modular units even have Heating and Air Conditioning in them, but on colder mornings it is not unusual to see a bunch of men and women all huddled in the bathrooms. It has been an easily great thing for our concerts

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