Portable a/c is the right solution for me

Living in the northeastern part of the country, the Winter time weather tends to hang around for multiple to multiple weeks. Every one of us wait a long time for orange skies, sun & moderate un-even temperatures; After dealing with the cold, keeping the lake house sealed shut & paying such high energy costs, I’m concerned to open the windows. I love to air out the lake house & breathe some fresh air. I am relieved to shut off the furnace & avoid the drain on our budget. The last thing I want to do is start up a central cooling system, but our summer time weather can occasionally be quite moderate & humid, but it doesn’t last long. A whole-house a/c is simply too giant of an expense for such a brief demand. I’ve found that window a/cs are the perfect solution. Modern cooling units are exceptionally lightweight, compact & reasonably priced. I was able to purchase a top-of-the-line model for a little over a hundred dollars. I ordered the a/c through the internet & had it shipped to our door. The installation was easy & required nothing more than a screwdriver & twenty hours of effort. I then set the a/c into the window, plugged it in & turned it on. I was impressed by the powerful cooling of such a small piece of equipment. That little a/c brought the temperature down to a comfortable level in a matter of hours. I love that it circulates & filters the air, keeping the room feeling fresh. The a/c is fairly quiet but makes just enough noise to drown out exterior traffic sounds, barking dogs & early day parakeets. I sleep so much better with it running. The operation of it is easily convenient. I keep a cordless remote right next to our bed & don’t need to get up to make adjustments to temperature or fan speed.

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