A/C Saved My Life One Day

I live in the southeast, and trust me, it gets so darn hot and humid in this part of the country.

  • There is absolutely no way I would ever live here if air conditioning were not available to me.

Way back in the day, not everyone had air conditioning in their homes; you can ask many people my age or older, and they will proudly tell you that there was no a/c in their houses when they were growing up. Well, I believe it, but I am not one of those people. We always had air conditioning, ever since we moved from the northeast to the southeast. I don’t think my mother could have survived without it. I do remember, though, my Aunt Bet’s house only had box fans. Let me assure you, no one wanted to visit my Aunt Bet. It was just so darn hot in there! Anyway, air conditioning actually saved my life one day, or so I believe. Once, when I was a kid, I was at John Prince Park and was playing frisbee with my siblings. Every time I was able to run fast and jump high and snatch the frisbee out of the air, everyone applauded, so I kept doing it, even though I was feeling rather dizzy and clammy. It almost felt like the air had become a natural heater. Anyway, eventually, I just collapsed on the ground and was going in and out of consciousness. One of the park employees saw me, picked me up, and rode me to their park office, where the a/c was blasting the sweet relief of cool air. The air conditioning helped revive me. If it weren’t for the a/c, I probably would have died from heat stroke.