Finding my way out of an HVAC problem

Once you teach yourself how to repair plus install HVAC equipment, you aren’t done learning.

Technology is growing and expanding, especially in the HVAC service industry. The people I was with and I are constantly trying to suss out with bigger plus better ideas to save money plus energy. I am proud to have a career with a big heating plus cooling company that services this region. I have been working hard for the company for the past 6 years plus I have l received a lot if wisdom while I was in that time. When I first started, I was a young kid fresh out of school. I barely knew how to properly hold a screwdriver, pliers, plus Hammer. It took myself and others many tries to pass the HVAC certification exams. I knew all of the information, even though I was filled with anxiety plus stress. I hardly remember the first exam at all; During the minute attempt, I have managed to score in the top 10th percentile. It looked fantastic on my applications when I started to apply for HVAC gigs. I had to start as an apprentice, plus I l received a fantastic deal while I was during that time. I remember entirely working on some air duct a single day when I was still a new hire. I was cutting sheet metal with a pair of pliers plus I dropped the tools inside of the duct. They fell a full 5 feet plus I could not reach them. I did not want to tell my coworker that I lost my work tools, so I found a way to fetch my pliers. I used my tape measure, a magnet, a hammer, plus my work belt. If someone had seen myself and others entirely working, they easily would have laughed at me.

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