Commercial building automation for the wine facility

I obtained a genuinely small building plus I do a seasonal business! Well, I labor on my wine making all year around, but the doors are open to the public only in the fall, and before it was such a pain trying to keep the Heating plus A/C plus humidity levels right for when… I constantly was driving up to my winery plus checking on things.

I had batches go bad when the heater went out in the middle of the winter. I also distraught about theft due to there being no security system, but since my business started doing well, I began looking into commercial building automation. I found that I could connect lights, security cameras, Heating plus A/C, plus temperature control all through one control pad that I can keep an eye on through my PC. I have the Heating plus A/C set to control the wine temperature year around. It either turns on heat or air depending on the temperature. I also have a smart control unit that sends me alerts on the temps plus air filter fluctuations. I have the lights on a timer to turn on when I should be walking in the winery plus to turn off when I leave, the outdoor lights are all automated so that anyone who thinks to walk in will be lit up. The camera also begins rolling at the first sign of movement. It is distraught that in this week’s afternoon wwe need so much security, then for me I was looking at it for more of the energy management side. I save so much money now that I have the right Heating plus A/C levels when I need them.

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