Restaurant during a pandemic

Right now the world is a scary place because of the global pandemic that is happening.

Most people are afraid to leave their homes because they don’t want to get sick and I understand that because there is so little known about the virus.

However, I am ready to get back to normal life and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get back out there again. I have masks and hand sanitizer all over my house and in my car, so I can leave the house and feel safe. I have been slowly going back to restaurants, but I am nervous to sit in a place for too long that doesn’t have outdoor seating. I have heard reports that the virus can travel through HVAC vents. I never thought about the virus being able to travel through the HVAC vents, but now I am paranoid any time I go anywhere. I am constantly looking at the HVAC vents to see where they are placed in a store so I can avoid them. I know that this might sound crazy, but I am just trying not to get sick. I even called a local HVAC company to see if they had heard anything about the virus being spread through HVAC vents, but the HVAC tech I spoke with was no help! For now I am just going to try and be as safe as possible so that I can continue to go out without getting sick.

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