In need of a comfortable place to stay

The weather has been acting like crazy lately. There have been some major hurricanes coming through my country and it is devastating to watch. Places are pretty much getting completely written off the map. It makes me feel so blessed and lucky to live where I currently do. I am so blessed to be able to live in a place that gets nothing but snow. It also makes me feel bad because I am at home enjoying my HVAC system while others are simply worried if they are going to have a place to live. I could not imagine not even having an HVAC system in my house let alone not having anywhere to live at all. I would totally open my house up to people who needed a place to live to ensure they are as comfortable as we are. I love my HVAC system as I can control the comfort in my house. As the weather changes I can start to use the heating to feel more comfortable about the cold weather that is coming through. Sometimes a snowstorm will prevent us from having any type of HVAC system running because the power goes out. I can imagine how that feels. I hope that these people are finding nice hotels to stay in where they can be comfortable. These hotels must have good HVAC systems installed in order to accommodate all of these people. These people are in my prayers and I hope they have somewhere to stay where they can be comfortable in a very stressful situation.


a/c rep