The automated lighting makes it look like someone is always home

Automated lighting is a great way to deter Intruders by creating the illusion of occupancy.

The automated lighting in my home makes it look like someone is always there.

It also provides better visibility throughout the entire property. We have motion activated lighting in the front and backyard. When unexpected movement happens, flood lights come on and usually startle intruders. It definitely draws attention to whatever is going on in the yard. It is a very effective way to deter possible burglars. My neighbors always think that I’m home when I’m not because of the lighting. It certainly makes the trick or treaters guess on Halloween. Automated lighting can also be set to mimic spontaneous activity by turning lights on and off sporadically. A friend of mine has the same motion lighting system and hers is set on a timer that goes through eight different lighting schematics that are randomly chosen each night by a computer. She has a lot more money than I do and the system is far more advanced. There is no way that a burglar would be able to tell that the system was integrated with the alarm unless the person worked for the high tech security company. Automated lighting usually can be integrated with security systems that have alarms and surveillance cameras. This way motion sensors can trigger lighting which also triggers cameras that record. This is a great way to capture potential burglars that are lurking on the property. Automated lighting is a very versatile way to save energy and add security to your home or commercial property.

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