The toilet was overflowing all over the bathroom

My mom called me to have dinner at her place and it was unusual for my mom to call in the middle of the week.

On Saturdays, my daughter and I drive over to my mom’s house and visit with her for the day. I asked my mom more than once if something was wrong. I wanted to be prepared when I arrived. My mom insisted that everything was fine. She said that it would be nice to see me and she was going to make something good for dinner. I left work an hour early so I could drive to my mother’s house before traffic was awful. When I got to my mom’s, I had to use the bathroom. It had been nearly an hour since I had left work. I went to the bathroom and my mom told me to go downstairs and use the bathroom in the basement. I was in a hurry so I went downstairs. When I came back upstairs I asked my mom why the bathroom in the hallway was not accessible. My mom changed the subject quickly. I walked downstairs and the door was closed. When I opened it up, I could see that the toilet was overflowing and there was water and towels all over the bathroom. My mom said that the toilet started overflowing on its own when she called earlier that day and she’s been using towels to keep the mess at bay. She was going to call a local plumber in the morning. I insisted that we call a plumber nearby immediately.

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