I had an emergency electrician visit after the sparks

The kids and I were sitting in the living room and we were watching our favorite television show.

The lights were off in the living room and it was totally dark in the room.

Halfway through our television program, I saw a flash of light coming from the outlet by the television. At first I thought it was a reflection from the television program. When I saw the flash of light a second time, I decided to turn off the television. Sparks were coming out of the outlet and I was extremely worried that there would be a fire. I turned off the power to the living room outlets and I called an emergency electrician. There are several emergency electricians in the area. Most of them offer competitive rates and comprehensive services. It was Friday night after 10:00 p.m. and I called two places before I found an emergency electrician that could send someone immediately. The electrician warned me to keep the power off due to the fire hazards. There was no way I was going to turn the power back on when the outlet in the living room was sparky. About 10 minutes before midnight, the emergency electrician finally showed up. He immediately removed the outlet and looked at the wiring. He found a wire that had been chewed through. It was easy to repair the problem, but I needed to keep it from happening again. The electrician suggested I call a pest control company on Monday, because the only thing that would cause a wiring problem is mice or rats.