I had to decorate the place like an old world estate

Working as a designer means listening to customers and making sure that I find a way to create their vision.

I absolutely love a challenge, especially when I get to learn about something new.

Just last week, I was asked to decorate 2,000 ft of space in an old world estate style. It had easily been about 10 years since I worked on anything that was old world estate style. I definitely had to learn more about this particular furniture style and design. The old world estate furniture design includes intricate and elaborate details. Furniture pieces commonly have multiple carvings and embellishments. High quality materials are used like mahogany, oak, and cherry wood. Fabrics for upholstery include silk and velvet. Every single detail had to be perfect and precise. When it came time for hardware, I made sure to use vintage and or lately decorated handles and knobs. When I was finished with the project, I was reminded of a Renaissance fair. The customer was absolutely in love with the place. He thought that it was perfect and recommended me to a friend that was equally interested in decorating his place in the old world estate style. I’m set to start that project in a couple of days and I am very excited. I am going to use some details that I thought about in the first project and I’m going to do my best to make sure that both of the old world estate designs look different. It would be great if I could showcase all the work on my website when I’m done.


Traditional excellence at home