I needed a roofing company near me to handle the repairs

My wife and I were sitting in the living room on Friday night.

We were watching a movie on the television.

We were going to go see a movie, but it was supposed to storm all night long and it was already raining when we were done with work. We decided to stay home instead. We found a movie on pay-per-view and ordered pizza from a local restaurant. The pizza arrived just as the worst part of the storm began. It was pouring down rain, thundering, and there was a lot of lightning. A bolt of lightning struck a tree close to our home and caused it to split in half. Part of the tree landed on the side of our home. We were both in the living room when the tree fell and it scared us tremendously. We were lucky that the tree didn’t come down a foot to the left, because we would have been crushed. The tree took out part of the living room and there was a giant hole in the roof. I got up on the roof to secure the hole, even though it was still raining. I was afraid more lightning would strike, but I couldn’t let the rain pour into our home without doing something about the problem. I placed a tarp over the hole and secured it with a couple of sandbags. The next morning I called a roofing contractor nearby. The roofing contractor is known for having the best rates and services in the city. I knew that the roofing contractor would be able to help me out.

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