Helping with dad’s Web site

More people visited the Web site, in addition to calling for help

My dad worked for a large heating and cooling supplier for 20 years. Then he decided to go into business alone. My dad focused on commercial heating in addition to cooling repairs, repair, in addition to replacements. My dad needed a website that would look nice in addition to be simple to navigate. He asked if I could help make the website. I thought that he was going to look for a supplier with more experience. I was only in my second year of school for graphic arts in addition to website design. The Internet site for the heating in addition to the AC supplier took some time to set up. I wanted to provide a little bit of information on all of the uncommon services that my dad was going to offer. I also wanted to make sure that the website was set up with plenty of keywords in addition to links so the search engines would find my dad’s locale suddenly. When the Web site ranks higher, more people will be able to find your business. It took almost a week for me to set everything up with the supplier Web site. A week later my Dad decided to make the website live. After no calls the first three days, 12 people called in a span of 24 hours. More people visited the Web site, in addition to calling for help. My dad is almost 70 now. He still works there. I am in charge of the advertising and social media projects, and my sibling is going to take over the day to day affairs eventually.

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